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The quest for killer-confidence

It all started on a sun-drenched afternoon sipping espresso martinis. So over the last 20 weeks, according to my espresso martini instagram post, my partner in confidence as we like to refer to each other, Lauren (from The Devine Life) and I have been pouring our hearts and souls into The Confidence Collective. We both share a desire to help women unleash their potential and be the best version of themselves they can be. We knew our passions could be combined to create a tribe of confident women who shine on the inside and radiate positive energy on the outside. I take care of your outer beauty while Lauren works with you on your inner beauty.

It has truly been a labour of love & until this past Saturday, it was just the two of us with this wee idea that we slaved over, in weird hours, after we had finished our 'real' jobs. But on Saturday we successfully ran our first workshop, and it was a roaring success if we do say so ourselves. Not only was it incredibly fun and fulfilling for us as presenters but after the survey results came flooding in, our workshop participants also thought it was engaging, informative, fun, energetic and a had a fabulous vibe!

I gave the gorgeous ladies tips on how to get positively radiant skin with the use of makeup, as well as teaching makeup colour wheel theory so that they could go home, use their wheels to find the complementary colours of their eye colour and then pick eyeshadows that really enhance the natural beauty of their eyes. Lauren went on to introduce their inner-bitch, negative BS (belief systems), confidence killers and explained how to banish them to make room for killer confidence!

If you missed out and this sounds like something that interests you we will be running another workshop shortly. Follow us on Instagram @theconfidencecollective and like our Facebook page to get inspiration and to keep up to date with our plans for the next workshop!

See you there xo

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